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24.09 2023

CCAT and ICARUS Conference

09:00 - 17:00 MedCareProfessional/Hattingen Henrichs-Allee 4 45527 Hattingen

09:00 Registration & meet/greet
Admin; housekeeping; background

09:30 Introduction
Getting to know your team and ICARUS – A brief look at the future of aeromedical research and education

10:00 Aeromedical teamworking
Simple principles of CRM – Human Factors in high-risk environments

10:30 Above the Misty Mountains
Snippets from Advanced Altitude Physiology – Use the fundamental sciences to optimise patient care

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Circling the SQuARE
Safety, Quality and Risk – Operating at the highest level of best practice

12:00 Anatomy of a complex case 1
Not quite as straight forward as it first seems – Common respiratory condition (COPD)

12:30 Discussion 1
Using the SQuARE principle – Using a robust system to maximise preparedness

13:00 Lunch

13:30 Anatomy of a complex case 2
Peri-arrest during peri-transport  – Common cardiac condition (IHD & PE)

14:00  Discussion 2
Developing the SQuARE process – Risk assessment and decision making

14:30 Anatomy of a complex case 3
Deciding on best windows of opportunity – Common neurological condition (SAH)

15:00 Discussion 3
Beyond the SQuARE – Clinical management

15:30 Tea

16:00 Wash-up and Key Points Summary
Maintaining clinical and logistic standards – Learning to think differently (like a LEGO SQuARE)

16:30 Formal End
Optional Open Discussion session for interested delegates – Preparation and attention to detail

17:00 Optional End


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